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A turbulent transition: DA faces a rocky future

Because it's a blend of political influences the transition it is facing has, inevitably, had an existential effect on the opposition party

Is South Africa seeing a return to the rule of law? More evidence is needed

Steps are being taken to lay charges and seize assets of people and companies allegedly involved in corruption in South Africa.

The SACP strips the ANC of its multi-class ruling party status

The decision to compete in an election against its alliance partner the ANC is a watershed moment for them, with important implications for SA.

Can Zuma untie Gordian knot after failing to quash corruption charges?

President Jacob Zuma's loss in the SCA forms part of three milestones in his recent history dominated by corruption and unethical conduct.

How Zuma has used the capture of SA’s state institutions to stay in power

A defining factor of the Zuma era has been the symbiosis between elite police and the NPA.

How does SA score 22 years after freedom?

Has South Africa achieved its targeted values of inclusive politics, reconciliation, human rights and constitutionalism?

#SONA2016: Does Zuma have the courage to do the right thing?

It is unlikely the president will announce structural changes today, despite education in dire need of major restructuring and an economy in decline.

Press Releases

Colgate-Palmolive South Africa donates one million bars of soap

The combination of limited access to quality soap and a lack of knowledge of how to properly wash hands is a challenge in many vulnerable communities

Cheque value bundles – real value

Most people do not pay much attention to what bank account they have and whether or not it is suited to their daily realities

Absa Rewards puts cash in your pocket

In addition to the cash benefits, you will receive special offers and exclusive deals from selected Absa Rewards partners

Municipal audit outcomes reveal public sector financial management must be professionalised

SAICA calls for a review of the mandatory minimum skills and qualifications required for all key financial management positions within the public sector

Eleven ways to protect yourself against fraud

While financial services firms work continuously to improve security, fraudsters are always devising new plans to circumvent the latest safety measures

Security and Compliance Evolution in the Data Revolution

Organisations must adopt a risk-based approach to compliance and rely on technology to mitigate that risk and on people and process controls as well

Covid-19 vs Child Nutrition

Children are being impacted severely across the world because of things such as reduced immunisation as health services prioritise treating Covid-19 cases

MTN’s network innovation sees 5G launched at 100 sites countrywide

MTN South Africa has launched its widely accessible 5G network – the first of MTN’s 21 operations across Africa and the Middle East

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