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Alleged Cresta mall killer in court

Kanellie Hatzikonstandinou, accused of murdering an 81-year-old shopper at the Cresta shopping centre in Johannesburg on Monday, appeared in the Randburg Regional Court on Wednesday. Her tearful father, Iounno Hatzikonstandinou, entered the dock and before giving her a hug, said in a Greek accent: ''I want to apologise for what happened... I am saying sorry to the family.''

IFP stresses family values, ‘fearing God’

On a national tour ahead of the floor-crossing window for councillors, Inkatha Freedom Party national chairperson Ziba Jiyane is stressing its ''centre-right'' position and its standpoint on family values. He also criticised the appointment of women with wealthy husbands in jobs above breadwinners.

Traumatised Lord of the Dance cast to fly home

The cast of Lord of the Dance, traumatised by the weekend murder of a colleague in Johannesburg, will all be flying home to their families, Michael Flatley said on Monday. ''Nothing is more important to me than the wellbeing of the dancers,'' said Flatley, the founder of the dance show, while addressing a press conference at Sandton on Monday.

How to look after David Beckham

The international football body Fifa is no charity organisation and it demands target revenues from the once-every-four-years World Cup tournaments. SA 2010 Bid Committee CEO Danny Jordaan gave this warning to the Black Empowerment Forum's Sandton branch at a function on Thursday evening. He said Fifa wanted to earn ,8-billion ''to take home to Zurich'' from the South African event.

Mbeki: There is life after elections

In a packed hall charged with festivity, President Thabo Mbeki said on Friday night that 70% of voters had rejected the critics of the African National Congress. ''They made it clear they refused to be moved away from voting against their own interests,'' he said at an ANC victory party in Johannesburg.
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