Eddie Koch

Chemical groups try to silence allegations about crop devastation

Seventeen chemical companies are trying to suppress allegations that their herbicides are causing massive damage to South Africa's ecology.

Renamo’s secret SA bases

David Webster knew of three mobile Renamo bases.

Weekly Mail ‘buys’ convicts – at R1.40 each

Weekly Mail writer Eddie Koch went to prison this week - and came back with two convicts, his for the day for just R1.40 each

Koeberg’s two faces

Eskom takes Eddie Koch on a tour to prove that Koeberg os perfectly safe ...

FW tells how report led to PW’s panic

​Acting State President FW de Klerk this week suggested that inferences were made as a result of reports in … a little paper called the Weekly Mail.

Motor strike: Most workers may be back on Monday

​The marathon wage strike in the automobile industry has entered its 10th day.

Revealed: Vlok’s ‘terror plot’ document

Violence blue-print turns out to be a union report ... in which bloodshed is never mentioned.

The beautiful village where the winds blow death

After Mokhurane Thobejane died from breathing the killer dust, so many followed that it became a tradition to bury and forget.

European sends a stinging diplomatic rebuke over Mogopa

?Twelve European governments yesterday delivered a joint démarche - one of the sternest forms of diplomatic protest - to the foreign ministry.

Warlords get police ‘help’, says Cosatu

Startling allegations that police are actively backing Inkatha warlords in the Pietermaritzburg civil war were made at a press conference.

Showdown as union talks fail

Talks between unions and managers fail to resolve 'days of protest' dispute.

Two die in mines demo

Bloody clashes between union and non-union miners during labour protests.

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