Eddie Koch

From the archives: For the first time, an insiders’ account of the Third Force

Two young gangsters give an horrific account of how they were encouraged, equipped and trained to carry out violence against ANC-linked targets by the security forces.

Growing The Grace

The Grace in Rosebank, one of Johannesburg's oldest hotels, is soon to unveil a new conference venue. Work is under way upgrading the hotel's function rooms, which up until now have only been able to accommodate groups of up to 30 delegates. When work is complete in September, The Grace will offer conferencing facilities for groups of up to 120.

Turning terror into tourism

First it was the penal colony on Robben Island, then the Old Fort at Constitution Hill. Now a decaying army base on the edge of the Blyde River Canyon, in Mpumalanga, has become the latest set of buildings to be transformed from a place of oppression into a thriving tourism resort. Is tourism earning its reputation as the world's peace industry by turning the architecture of terror into slick holiday resorts?

Frogging good fun

When you are stuck knee-deep in a crocodile-infested bog -- your way lit only by the twinkling of the Milky Way and the black night filled with a cacophony of croaking, singing, snoring and bonking toads -- it is easy to be swamped by three paradoxical impulses: lust, loathing and learning. <i>Escape</i> explores the murky world of toads on a trip to northern KwaZulu-Natal.

Taking a different turn

Twice a year the Chrissiesmeer shop owners put up signs on their doors that say, "Gone Frogging". Instead of preparing for World Tourism Day on September 27 by publishing a set of platitudes about the most prominent places to visit, we decided to abide by the spirit of these intrepid merchants and prepare a portfolio of the country's more unpredictable and out-of-the-ordinary travel destinations.

Military ‘third force’ walks free

With the passing of the final TRC amnesty deadline, there have been many surprising revelations.

President tames the Afrikaner tiger

MINUTES after PW Botha this week warned Nelson Mandela against waking the tiger of Afrikaner nationalism, a brown tabby cat wandered into the press conference and began rubbing itself affectionately against the legs of assembled journalists.

Mandela meeting for Sinn Fein’s Adams

SINN Fein president Gerry Adams jets into South Africa next week on a high-profile visit that includes talks with President Nelson Mandela. His trip...

What will the GNU protect? The cattle or the wildebeest?

An ANC policy document makes some controversial proposals for the future of game parks under a new Government of National Unity. Eddie Koch reports.

Mandela goes Green

A hunting trip converts the ANC leader to conservation.

Who are these whites behind the rooidoeke?

United Nations secretary general Perez de Cuellar has expressed serious concern about the role of security force members in the Reef violence.

Out rolls a shiny Madibamobile

What kind of Mercedes Benz rolls off the assembly line wrapped in cellophane paper and plastered with stickers proclaiming the virtues of the SACP?

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