Denise Slabbert

A good life on the rocks

Time stands still on 
the North Coast when you're watched over 
by Umhlanga's 
two-tone sentinel.

Champers and choppers

Personal butlers, aerial excursions and luxury every which way you look. De Hoek’s suite deals are made of this.

The Parks Winery: Home brew

The Parks Winery may sound rather posh, but it’s actually a space previously known as “Stuart’s garage”.

A distracting destination

Keeping the children and grown-ups equally ­entertained on holiday is almost impossible, but not at this family resort.

The brandy route

We're a nation that drinks more than 45-million litres of brandy a year -- so it only makes sense for us to have our own brandy routes. Our love affair with this popular tipple began way back when, according to Pietman Retief, director of the South African Brandy Foundation, "brandy was already available in South Africa before Jan van Riebeeck."

Bar-hopping in Beijing

Salitun Lu in the Chaoyang district is known as Beijing's "Bar Street". With more than 200 bars to choose from, how do you decide where to go and sip on Tsingtao beer? One suggestion is to flip a coin. Heads means three bars to the right, tails means every third bar to the left. <i>Escape</i> gets a taste of the bar culture that has taken hold of the Chinese capital.

Taking a different turn

Twice a year the Chrissiesmeer shop owners put up signs on their doors that say, "Gone Frogging". Instead of preparing for World Tourism Day on September 27 by publishing a set of platitudes about the most prominent places to visit, we decided to abide by the spirit of these intrepid merchants and prepare a portfolio of the country's more unpredictable and out-of-the-ordinary travel destinations.

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