Eduardo Garcia

Argentina sells DNA as world demands more beef

Weighing more than a tonne, Montecristo would yield a lot of Argentine steak. But ranchers are not interested in sending bulls like him to slaughter.

Bolivia nationalises four power companies

Leftist Bolivian President Evo Morales said on Saturday he had nationalised four power companies, including a subsidiary of France's GDF Suez.

Bolivia declares martial law in protest-hit region

Bolivia declared martial law on Friday in a remote Amazon region where at least 15 people were shot dead in a wave of political violence.

Bolivian town cashes in on Che Guevara legacy

The bearded image of guerrilla leader Ernesto ''Che'' Guevara has become a pop icon splashed on mugs, T-shirts and even bikinis 40 years after his death, and Vallegrande, a Bolivian town, is out to cash in on the marketing frenzy. In central Bolivia, where Guevara battled the army before he was captured and killed, tour operators offer a chance to retrace his final steps on the ''Che Trail''.

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