Emmanuel Duparcq
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/ 30 June 2007

Rocket attack on Ivorian leader condemned

Côte d’Ivoire Prime Minister Guillaume Soro narrowly escaped a rocket attack on his plane on Friday that killed at least four people and dealt a blow to the divided country’s fragile peace process. The UN Security Council and secretary general condemned the attack and said they feared for the future of a negotiated peace plan.

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/ 24 June 2007

‘Black gold’ turns spotlight on Africa

Western and emerging Asian powers so keen to diversify oil supply sources to feed growing needs have recast their attention to West Africa following the latest discovery of new potential reserves. British oil and gas company Tullow Oil last week annonced that it had discovered up to 600-million barrels of oil on the West Cape Three Points block off Ghana’s coast.

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/ 15 January 2007

Burundian journos fight back

After a spate of arrests of members of the media over the past six months, Burundian authorities recently released three journalists who had been detained for more than a month. The Mail & Guardian spoke to them on a recent visit to Burundi. ”Everything is still in a blur,” says Domitile Kiramvu. ”I still ask myself questions. It is too good to be true.”

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/ 7 December 2006

Ivorians haunted by health fears after pollution scandal

Nearly four months after tons of toxic chemical waste were dumped in Côte d’Ivoire’s teeming economic capital of Abidjan, poisoning hundreds, residents are haunted by fears of long-term health complications. Poisonous fumes emitted by the petroleum waste were blamed for the deaths of 10 people out of the scores sickened by the discharge from a ship chartered by a European company.

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/ 13 March 2006

Opium and the Taliban, an explosive cocktail

Taliban rebels determined to keep southern Afghanistan in chaos have teamed up with drug barons against the government and its opium eradication campaign launched last week. The campaign to destroy opium poppy fields kicked off on March 8 in southern Helmand, the producer of most of Afghanistan’s opium crop — which makes up nearly 90% of the world total.