Esteban Israel

US companies get Cuba trademarks, wait for change

The opening of a McDonald's in Communist Cuba seems unlikely any time soon, even with US President Barack Obama in the White House.

Castro caps all the rage in Cuba

Cuban leader Fidel Castro may have dropped out of sight, but his trademark green military cap is everywhere. Nearly 49 years after Castro's socialist revolution, the Fidel cap is selling like hot cakes to tourists visiting Cuba, and more and more young Cubans are also snatching them up.

Cubans oblivious to what goes on inside Guantánamo

As prisoners in the United States ''war on terror'' languish at its naval base in Guantánamo Bay, Cubans nearby are unaware of what goes on inside the base. Some younger Cubans yearn for the music and clothes of the United States, but the older generation are staunch supporters of ailing President Fidel Castro.

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