Eunice Stoltz

Eunice Stoltz is a general news reporter at the Mail & Guardian.

War for diamonds: An unequal battle

Illegal miners, who have been fighting to get mining permits, risk arrest and even death in confrontations between the police and security firms

‘New Frame’ closure ‘a terrible loss to the country’

The closure of the publication ‘New Frame’, which sought to chase quality over clicks, is a cautionary tale of the pitfalls of donor funding

Rise in number of human trafficking victims in South Africa

The Trafficking in Persons has found that the government does not fully meet the minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking but is making significant efforts to do so

War for diamonds: Child diggers part of illicit diamond economy

Children in the Northern Cape leave school to dig for the gemstones, which, for many households, is a way of survival

South African police are failing victims of gender-based violence, report shows

There are few convictions, many cases are withdrawn and there is a lack of resources, training and staff

Undocumented people arrested at abandoned Northern Cape mines to be repatriated

The 90 detainees are among 110 people held by police at abandoned mining sites in the Namakwa district.

Eskom hopes to cease load-shedding in 10 days, Koeberg chief nuclear officer resigns

President Cyril Ramaphosa said the government will shorthly announce actions ‘to achieve much faster progress in tackling load-shedding’

Eskom’s Koeberg plant to bring some relief by end July

The completion of maintenance to a unit at the nuclear plant will add 920 megawatts to the grid

War for diamonds: How stones found at abandoned mines enter the illegal economy

But the new artisanal and small-scale mining policy may be a turning point for informal prospectors who want to mine legally

Few convictions despite thousands of arrests after July riots

Police minister Cele says security forces are on guard against persistent threats of violence

Energy department wastes R20.7-million in bungled solar geyser project

Of 87 206 solar geysers procured, only 61 000 were delivered, and fewer than 3 200 were installed

War for diamonds: Toil and triumph on the rich barren plains

“I’m willing to take a bullet” says Northern Cape natives who claim the land, and its diamonds, belong to them.

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