Eusebius McKaiser

The darker side of conservatism

Gauteng Judge President Bernard Ngoepe has come out of the conservative closet with his recent critique of the Constitutional Court's liberal history.

Dreams from my father’s continent

A new US foreign policy is an opportunity for Barack Obama to eliminate Africa's marginalisation.

Ditch the bishop and take a stand

The Congress of the People (Cope) is seriously ill and faces immense challenges in the coming months.

The flip side of the race card

Thabo Mbeki lived in something of a racial hell, his skin constantly rubbed raw by the devils of colonialism and apartheid.

Kipling clinches the case

Delivering judgement in the Jacob Zuma rape trial, Judge Willem van der Merwe, inspired by Kipling, aimed a final comment squarely at the former deputy president: "If you can control your body and your sexual urges, then you are a man, my son."

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