Eva-Lotta Jansson

Lesotho chieftainship for men only

Judges find that banning daughters from inheriting positions is not a discriminatory practice.

Migrant workers: The human right to access health care

Although migrant farmworkers don't have much of a chance at accessing social security their access to healthcare in South Africa has improved.

Security doesn’t flow across the river

This is the second in a series of four articles about the cross-border portability of social benefits for migrant workers.

Migrant workers owed billions in ‘unclaimed’ social security funds

People from SA's neighbouring countries flock here looking for work. Hundreds of thousands find it in the mining industry and in farming and tourism.

Ousted leader’s journey from chief to domestic worker

A Lesotho woman's plight has become a constitutional issue after she was stripped of the chieftaincy of her village because she is a woman.

The Maasai sisterhood of education

An initiative to get young rural girls into school is paying dividends in Tanzania.

Microcredit gives entrepreneurs in Kenya new reason to dream

Small loans are providing an economic lifeline for the country's unbanked masses.

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