Fiona Zerbst

Jargon Buster: Letters of Authority

Anne Klein, senior manager: private clients at Maitland and a member of the Fiduciary Institute of South Africa, demystifies Letters of Authority.

What you need to know about insurance claims and excess

What accident excess are you liable for and what is cumulative excess? What should you watch out for?

Nine tips to keep your credit score healthy

Only 53.3% of credit-active consumers in South Africa are in good standing. Is your credit record clear?

How you can really cut down on electricity this winter

A Columbia University report says we all slip up when it comes to energy use and savings. What are we doing wrong -- and how can we fix it?

Vodacom’s new airtime advance

If you've run out of airtime and you need to call someone urgently, Airtime Advance will help you out. But it will cost you.

Discovery’s new short-term insurance

Using Vitality as a model, Discovery is offering drivers rewards for improving driving performance. Who isn't in favour of fuel rewards these days?

Jargon Buster: Strategic asset allocation vs tactical asset allocation

Andrew Kemp, head of asset consulting at Liberty Corporate, explains what SAA,TAA and "timing the market" mean.

Working too hard? Beware hypertension

May 17 is World Hypertension Day, so it's a good time to look at the effects of long working days on your health.

Hedge funds to be regulated by the JSE

The JSE has introduced a risk-management platform that will oversee hedge fund management.

Still paying cash for petrol? Use your card

Using a debit card -- or any other card -- could be safer than carrying cash.

What do rich people know that we don’t?

Aside from the amounts of money involved, the super-rich face the same problems we all do. So what, if anything, can we learn from wealthy families?

A gloomy year for consumers? Quite possibly

There are two strategies to help you cope this year: reduce debt that isn't productive and keep your nose to the grindstone at work.

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