Fiona Zerbst

How to talk to elderly parents about their finances

Make sure your parents know you're not interfering and have their best interests at heart.

Beware international call forwarding fraud

What is international call forwarding fraud and can you be affected?

Investing for inflation: Part Two

With-profit annuities provide you with an income for life, together with an annual increase. But will they keep up with inflation?

How good a saver are you?

Liberty's online quiz determines whether you're a good saver or just good at wasting money.

The top five questions for Sars

Here are the top five questions that the Sars call centre receives -- along with the answers.

Beware the ‘vishing’ fraudster

Cellphone banking safely entails being aware of new or potential threats.

Increase in bond applications and approvals

Applicants appear to be downscaling as well as relocating -- mainly to Cape Town.

What the Good Card has to offer

You can earn passive income while donating to charity -- but are the benefits good enough to justify the R289 monthly subscription fee?

Calculate how much electricity your appliances use

Once you know how much electricity each household appliance uses, you can work out how much you're paying.

Investing for inflation: Part One

<i>Smart Money</i> investigates inflation-beating investments. This week, we look at income funds.

The lowdown on ‘deal of the day’ websites

Do you end up buying something you don't need? Or can you genuinely find good deals and discounts online? <b>Fiona Zerbst</b> shopped around.

Save money on electricity this winter

With winter fast approaching and energy prices increasing, it's a good idea to think of ways to save electricity.

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