/ 25 April 2011

Beware international call forwarding fraud

Nashua Mobile has alerted us to another scam to be aware of: international call forwarding fraud.

A fraud convict will steal your SIM card and divert or forward your cellphone number to an international switchboard, which can route international calls to any global destination from your SIM. A victim will notice that he or she hasn’t received calls for some time but high volumes of international calls have been made on his or her account.

You can be affected if you have international roaming and calling activated on your account.

If your phone or SIM are stolen, have them hard-locked immediately as you can be liable for these extremely high bills. Also make sure you deactivate international calling and roaming on your phone when you’re not travelling.

Finally, remove any call forwarding activated on your phone and check your monthly account for strange billing or charges. When you request your new SIM to be activated, make sure your international roaming/calling is deactivated.

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