Florence Panoussian
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/ 7 March 2006

SA biker defies racial stereotypes

Corrie Holloway is one of an increasingly maverick pack of women challenging racial and gender stereotypes by being the only white biker in a motorcycle club in Soweto. With her blond and dyed Afrikaner hair and green eyes and ”biking in the blood”, Holloway embodies the rainbow nation by being a member of The Eagles.

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/ 12 December 2005

Showjumping goes to Soweto

Having carved a niche as South Africa’s first black showjumper in a sport traditionally reserved for rich whites, Enos Mafokate has now taken his love for horses to the heart of Soweto township. Mafokate is cultivating the hope that township children will one day too fly high the colours of South Africa’s rainbow nation.

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/ 26 September 2005

Miriam Makeba says farewell to the international stage

After a career of more than 50 years, South Africa’s legendary singer and anti-apartheid activist Miriam Makeba has decided she will end her performing days with a farewell international tour that starts in Johannesburg on Monday. ”I have to go and say farewell to all the countries that I have been to, if I can. I am 73 now, it is taxing on me,” Makeba said in an interview.

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/ 16 June 2005

Fifty children raped every day in SA

About 50 children per day are raped in South Africa as the country struggles with the legacy of apartheid, HIV/Aids and an influx of sexual material into a society that remains somewhat puritanical. Police reports recount girls as young as five being raped, sometimes by boys who are barely into their teens.

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/ 12 April 2005

Health workers face denial in Angola

Health experts fighting the killer Marburg virus in northern Angola said on Monday they were facing denial from families who are refusing to send their sick to hospitals or are taking them out of the city, worsening the risk of contamination. Isolation of victims is the only way to slow the spread of the disease, for which there are no drugs or vaccine.

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/ 10 April 2005

Fear stalks virus-hit Angolan town

Fear stalked the streets on Saturday in the squalid northern Angolan town of Uige, devastated by years of civil war and now the epicentre of an outbreak of the killer Marburg virus, which has claimed 180 lives so far. In Uige province alone, 160 people have been killed by the virus, which has claimed 98% of those infected in the outbreak.

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/ 17 November 2004

Pohamba believes in talking the talk

Namibia’s president-in-waiting Hifikepunye Pohamba says expropriations of white farms are ”going to happen” in his Southern African country but has pledged to ”talk, talk, talk” to make them as painless as possible. In an interview with AFP, Pohamba portrayed himself as a man of dialogue who is sensitive to the impact that land reform can have on people’s lives in this country of 1,82-million people.