Gail Smith

Idolised, immobilised and vilified

Winnie Mandela threw in her lot with patriarchy but, when measured against its benchmarks of a ‘good woman’, she was found to be flawed.

A betrayal of our valiant history

Brave women have been battling social injustice for decades, yet we reduce their efforts to a single event.

South African women: Young heroine with courage forged in fire

Twenty-two-year-old Mitta Lebaka has dedicated her life to helping child burn survivors like herself.

Outlaw culture

Lesbianism in South Africa is a bit like a crazy and eccentric old auntie we tolerate because of the equality clause, and whom we keep at a safe distance, in case people think queerness runs in the family. The broader political issues about what it means to be a woman who loves women -- in theory and in sexual practice -- never seem to get a look in because of the feverish curiosity around what lesbians do in bed.

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