Gareth Stokes

Getting to grips with your scheme’s lingo

Co-payment This is the portion of any medical expense for which you are liable. The amount varies from one scheme to the next and between options.

Making healthy medical aid choices

South Africa's healthcare landscape is divided between a public and private- sector.

Navigating the risk and return minefield

Your retirement hinges on an asset manager's ability to balance risk and return

Getting to grips with asset management philosophies

Every gain or loss reflected on your retirement annuity or unit trust fund statement is underpinned by an asset management philosophy.

Managing assets is important

Millions of South Africans- supplement their employer-linked pension funds via additional contributions to retirement annuities and unit trusts.

Offshore equities offer pockets of value

This year will go down in history as a year of extreme stock market volatility.

How much is enough for the golden years?

Ask a stakeholder in the retirement provisioning space how much you should contribute to your retirement fund and they'll probably say 15%.

Beating the market again

Investors quickly forget about the losses they suffered in the previous stock market crash.

Choosing the right asset manager

Options are abound for investors looking to save, writes <b>Gareth Stokes</b>.

Retirement rules need reform

People struggle to save because of easy withdrawal rules.

Stand up for your country

South Africans aren't saving enough and the situation is not getting better.

Boosting short-term savings

When it comes to short-term savings it seems our voracious consumption culture has confined 'saving for a rainy day' to history.

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