Gillian Flaccus

Deep Read: The hunt for Sam Bacile

The search for those behind the film implicated in violence in Egypt and Libya has led to a California Coptic Christian convicted of financial crimes.

In the US, abusive priests live unmonitored

Carl Sutphin was a problem priest who left ministry in the Roman Catholic church just before being charged with 14 counts of molestation.

Weather break to help battle California firestorm

After three days of a vicious firestorm, exhausted firefighters and weary residents looked forward on Wednesday to a break -- an expected slackening of the gale-force winds that have ignited California's largest complex of wildland blazes. ''By Thursday, we're expecting it to be pretty much over,'' said a meteorologist.

Thousands flee monster California wildfires

Thousands more people were ordered to evacuate their homes on Tuesday, bringing the number of people chased away by the wind-whipped flames that have engulfed southern California to at least 270 000. The dozen wildfires have burned more than 700 homes and set 99 537ha ablaze.

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