Glenda Daniels

Guest Author

Gender gap widens in SA media

The latest media figures show that women are slowly advancing, but their experiences tell of little change at the top

Tracking media freedom: 40 years since Black Wednesday

Forty years ago the apartheid regime crushed the free press. Today, the media industry is better off but it’s in a mess

Media links Gupta emails to the corrupted – it’s not fake news

The media is playing its part in trying to make the powerful and corrupt account to the people of South Africa

In the age of the internet, censorship has acquired a new face

"Censorship strategies include repression 2.0, masked political control and technology capture"

Journalists must get on the ground to tell the real, 360° story

I marched and got the true picture first-hand, not from propaganda or social media’s limited view

ANC’s desire to control social media is simply undemocratic

Regulating the internet and social media, as the ANC would like to do, would be overreach and inconsistent with the characteristics of a democracy.

How fake news works as political machinery to tarnish the integrity of journalists

The world is deep in the throes of a disinformation era through fake news, alternative facts and post truth.

​Fake news is undermining the work of journalists

Those exposed of wrongdoing by vigilant reporters are exploiting the distrust and doubt that misinformation engenders.

2016: What a sad and bad year for journalism

Retrenchments, the threat of a media tribunal, a new Bill and mergers bode ill for newsrooms.

Investigative journalists’ skills can empower people

Citizens need to know how to source reliable information to advance their freedoms.

Protesters use the media, but they and the police turn on journalists

Reporting is essential in a democracy but police and demonstrators don’t always see it that way.

Get it right, newsdesks, the ANC aunties are not exactly fighting for women’s rights

We should be overjoyed that the focus is on women, but the way the media deals with this is generally underwhelming.

Press Releases

Balwin properties and Absa launch South Africa’s first green home loan

Balwin Properties’ Edge registration of over 16 000 units was a global first, covering more homes than any single property developer in the world to date

Young professional gets a career boost from PSETA

SAICA makes ongoing efforts to encourage the professionalisation of financial offices in private and public sector organisations

Colgate-Palmolive South Africa donates one million bars of soap

The combination of limited access to quality soap and a lack of knowledge of how to properly wash hands is a challenge in many vulnerable communities

Cheque value bundles – real value

Most people do not pay much attention to what bank account they have and whether or not it is suited to their daily realities

Absa Rewards puts cash in your pocket

In addition to the cash benefits, you will receive special offers and exclusive deals from selected Absa Rewards partners

Municipal audit outcomes reveal public sector financial management must be professionalised

SAICA calls for a review of the mandatory minimum skills and qualifications required for all key financial management positions within the public sector

Eleven ways to protect yourself against fraud

While financial services firms work continuously to improve security, fraudsters are always devising new plans to circumvent the latest safety measures

Security and Compliance Evolution in the Data Revolution

Organisations must adopt a risk-based approach to compliance and rely on technology to mitigate that risk and on people and process controls as well

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