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Film technology to shine at Academy Awards

No matter which film wins the Oscar for visual effects at next month's Academy Awards ceremony, software savants at Autodesk will be taking a bow.

Apple unveils new tablet computer, the iPad

Steve Jobs on Wednesday revealed Apple's latest must-have device, a touchscreen tablet computer anointed the "iPad".

Internet age re-inventing the music business

Music and internet worlds merged on Friday on San Francisco's posh Nob Hill as insiders brainstormed about industry rocking Web 2.0 trends.

‘Virtual’ computers reach across the digital divide

NComputing is out to span the digital divide with a version of cloud computing called "virtualisation", which essentially turns one machine into many.

Twitter stream breaks Iran news dam

Protesters in Iran on Monday used Twitter for battle cries and to spread word about clashes with police.

Apple unveils new iPhone without Steve Jobs

Apple aims to make hot-selling iPhones even more appealing, premiering a speedier new model complete with a video camera.

Miniweb merges internet and TV with blinkx

Blinkx said it is putting its online video search skills to work for Miniweb Interactive, a firm specialising in merging television with the internet.

World gets to put Windows 7 software to the test

A nearly-final version of Windows 7 makes its debut on Tuesday, giving people a chance to tell Microsoft what they love or hate about the system.

Cellphones as weapons in the battle for better lives

As cellphones spread rapidly around the world, activists and truth lovers are turning to them as tools for organising and communicating.

Macintosh computers hitting stride at age 25

As Macintosh computers turn 25-years-old, Peter Friess professes a faith in Apple dating back to when Steve Jobs handed him one of the early machines.

Steve Jobs leaving Macworld stage as Apple bows out

Apple said on Tuesday that Steve Jobs will not make his appearance at Macworld Expo in January, and that the company is dropping out of the event.

Apple fans await cheaper laptops

Apple is expected to unveil new notebook computers, perhaps even one priced for those with tight budgets.

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