Godfrey Marawanyika

Tsvangirai: ‘Quiet diplomacy has its limits’

Leaders of the Southern African Development Community will meet on Monday in Zimbabwe to try and salvage the agreement to form a unity government.

Zim rivals back at the negotiating table

Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe and rival Morgan Tsvangirai were set on Friday to resume power-sharing talks for a fourth day.

Zim leaders wrestle over key posts

Zimbabwe's political leaders failed on Saturday to iron out differences which have held back a unity government aimed at ending the turmoil.

Zim economic revival could take years

A power-sharing agreement between Zimbabwe's main political rivals is unlikely to bring immediate economic relief to millions of Zimbabweans.

Howls of derision echo through Zim Parliament

Zimbabwe's new Parliament got off to a stormy start on Tuesday as the opposition flexed its new-found political muscle by heckling Robert Mugabe.

Mbeki confident of Zimbabwe deal

SA President Thabo Mbeki said on Wednesday he was confident Zimbabwe's rival political leaders could reach a deal on an ''inclusive'' government.

Zim rivals set to begin negotiations

Negotiators from Zimbabwe's opposition and ruling party are expected in SA on Tuesday for talks aimed at ending the country's political crisis.

Zim braces for new elections amid violence

Zimbabwe braced on Sunday for the return home of the country's opposition leader, who has vowed to face veteran President Robert Mugabe in a run-off election despite the risk of further violence. Morgan Tsvangirai, who beat Mugabe in a first round of voting in March, is expected in Harare in the next few days.

Tsvangirai warms to run-off as strike flops

The Zimbabwe opposition's campaign to force the release of results from last month's presidential election suffered a fresh blow on Tuesday when a call for a general strike went largely unheeded. Most shops and services were open for business as usual and an initial heavy security presence was eased.

Zim opposition strikers face police crackdown

Zimbabwe opposition supporters face the prospect of a heavy crackdown by security forces on Tuesday if they heed a call to launch a general strike to show their disgust at long-delayed election results. Police have been deployed throughout the country in anticipation of the strike.

Zim cops threaten crackdown on unrest

Zimbabwe's post-election crisis intensified on Monday after a high court judge threw out an opposition demand for the immediate release of results from the March 29 presidential polls. The opposition reacted angrily to the ruling, urging Zimbabweans to show their disgust at the hold-up by launching a general strike from Tuesday.

Mugabe snubs Zim crisis summit

President Robert Mugabe will boycott a weekend Southern African summit on the Zimbabwe crisis, state radio said on Friday as the opposition called for a general strike to press for the release of election results. Mugabe signalled a further clampdown in the country with a ban on all political rallies.

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