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Greg Brosnan

US Cold War foe Ortega back in power in Nicaragua

Former Marxist guerrilla and Cold War veteran Daniel Ortega returned to power in Nicaragua on Wednesday and celebrated another leftist election triumph in Latin America with United States foe Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez. Ortega (61) was sworn in almost 17 years after voters, tired of a vicious civil war with US-backed Contra rebels, threw him out of office.

Donkey jawbones, laptops mix up Peru’s new music

As a Quechua Indian quintet plays a solemn Andean muleteer's march on harp, clarinet and violin, their notes spring up as wave forms on a computer screen in an ultra-modern recording studio. In a dark and smoky rehearsal room across town, a sound engineer tweaks a console, weaving electronic beats and bleeps between the thumps and slaps of a sweating conga player.

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