Guy Berger

Ei-ash, it’s been an Eyjafjallajökull of a volcano

As one of the many stranded by the ash cloud over Europe, and unable to get home for five days, <b>Guy Berger</b> found himself on the internet a lot.

A book that tracks the African football chameleon

Titled <i>The Feet of the Chameleon</i>, Ian Hawkey's recent book on African football could equally be dubbed the "feat" of the chameleon.

Marking a milestone for African media

East Africa's powerful media house, The Nation Group, celebrated its 50th birthday last week with a major media conference.

Relaxing broadcast ownership is too little, too late

Karl Marx famously said the first time history repeats itself is tragic; the second is farce.

Information access affects everyone

If you lived in an oil-rich country like Angola, you would certainly want to have transparency in the mining contracts signed by your government.

Banning free speech – where will it end?

When a church bans a bishop from speaking to the media, you have to wonder what's next. Blocking the man from addressing his parishioners?

Making the ‘newsmaker’ of 2009

As the silly season arrives, media space gets turned over to the ''newsmaker of the year''.

Caviar, Fifa and media corruption

Editors have expressed deep concern over journalists having to sign away rights to get access to Fifa and other sporting events.

Send broadcast law back to drawing board

There's a lot more in the government's new Bill on broadcasting than whether a tax will replace the TV license.

Where newspapers thrive, but SMS letters are threatened

At first glance it seemed a rather bizarre story. Namibia's newspapers last week reported on an ''Open Day'' at the Windhoek crematorium.

Giving perspective to pieces of SA’s digital puzzle

Government is assembling four puzzle pieces around communications, and you're invited to help make them fit together.

Want SA info? Try the US

Teverse transparency can kick in for information-poor African countries via information that is held by foreign governments, donors and others.

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