Guy Berger

Press self-regulation makes strides

Acting as a sop to a predatory government should never constitute the motive force or raison d'etre of self-regulation.

In tough times, journalists should invest in social capital

With digital options increasingly available, why would any journalist attend a conference in person? And especially when budgets are tight?

Ten new TV channels — and 10 new problems

South Africa's television landscape is being redesigned right now, but there are significant problems and wasted opportunities.

A festival of media coverage

Take many thousands of people attending the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown, give them access to new media tools, and see what happens.

Bail out SABC, build broadband or deliver on digital migration?

Right now the SABC is hogging bandwidth about priorities for the new Minister of Communications, Siphiwe Nyanda.

Business unusual

It's one communication that journalists don't want to get: a retrenchment notice. But that's happening increasingly across newspapers and magazines.

For media, SABC is the frontline for preventing political creep.

It's a delicate time for the media as the new people in power consolidate their position.

What next for Zuma and the media?

That the press is out of kilter with the voting preferences of the majority of South Africans is not a bad thing for democracy.

Dissecting digital media freedom

As new media grows in access and reach in South Africa, its freedom status will become central to the quality of our democracy.

How to beat media bullies

It's excellent for society that journalists' safety is addressed by editors and enshrined by a statutory body.

Bailing out SABC shouldn’t be business as usual

A bail-out by government seems the only solution, but what's to stop the SABC sliding into the deep red once again?

The presidential love life and the public interest

No one disputes that public interest was well served by exposing the private life of Carl Niehaus.

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