Hassane Meftahi
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/ 9 September 2007

Car bomb kills dozens in Algeria

A car bomb has killed at least 28 coast guard officers in Algeria just days after a blast ripped through a crowd waiting for the president. The bombings are being seen as a show of strength by the country’s main extremist group, which has gained force after linking up with al-Qaeda. Interior Minister Noureddine Yazid Zerhouni warned terrorists that they have ”one choice: turn themselves in or die”.

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/ 14 February 2007

Wave of deadly bomb attacks strike Algeria

A group linked to al-Qaeda staged seven nearly simultaneous attacks targeting police in several towns east of Algiers, killing six and injuring almost 30, according to officials, police and hospital staff. Al-Qaeda in Islamic North Africa claimed responsibility for the Tuesday morning strikes in a telephone call to al-Jazeera.