Jung Hawon

Samsung Electronics posts record in Q3 despite smartphone struggles

The world's top maker of smartphones and memory chips has recovered from a series of setbacks

South Korea’s former presidential hopeful acquitted in sex abuse case

The case involving Ahn Hee-jung is by far the highest-profile in the country's growing #MeToo movement

Trump and Kim raise summit hopes after days of brinkmanship

Trump rattled the region on Thursday by cancelling a planned June 12 meeting with Kim in Singapore, citing "open hostility" from Pyongyang

South Korean man tries a Big Mac on for size

A South Korean gorged for 24 days on fast food to warn his countrymen about its health consequences, mimicking the United States box office-hit documentary Super Size Me about the ill effects of a man's month-long binge on McDonald's fare. Yoon Kwang-yong is now in rehab therapy to lose weight and lower his liver fat.

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