Henrik Lomholt Rasmussen

‘Slave’ workers demand their due

The only place in the world where the East German flag still flies is on the streets of Maputo.

Mozambique kingpin feels Obama’s wrath

Mohamed Bachir Suleman is beginning to feel the consequences being on the US Treasury Department's list of drug barons, the so-called Kingpin Act.

Donors put brakes on Mozambique aid

After years of treating Mozambique as a special case due to its war-torn past, donors are beginning to require accountability from the government.

Frelimo kingpin linked to drug ring

A prominent Mozambican businessman has been placed on a US list of global narcotics traffickers.

Mozambique looks to a landmine-free future

Efforts to demine Mozambique have dragged on for years, but a recent cash injection means it may be free of old explosives by 2014.

Hard times as Madagascar hangs in political limbo

The year-long crisis has isolated the island state and left its economy in a shambles, reports Henrik Lomholt Rasmussen.

All power to Frelimo

Mozambique's ruling party has taken more than two-thirds of the seats in parliament since 1975, writes Henrik Lomholt Rasmussen.

Frelimo on course for victory

Support for Frelimo, Mozambique's ruling party since independence in 1975, was the issue when about 9,5-million voters went to the polls on Wednesday.

Moz poll just sharing of the cake

Mozambique may be poised for elections, but democracy in the country is wasting away, says a political scientist at Eduardo Mondlane University.

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