Herve Couturier
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/ 11 August 2007

UN expands mission in Iraq despite violence

Under pressure from the United States to take a bigger role in stabilising Iraq, the United Nations agreed on Friday to expand its mission despite unrelenting violence that could complicate its work. The 15-member UN Security Council unanimously approved Resolution 1770, which calls for the UN mission to ”advise, support and assist” the Iraqi government.

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/ 2 January 2007

South Korea’s Ban takes over as UN chief

Ban Ki-moon of South Korea takes over as United Nations Secretary General on Monday, facing numerous crises across the globe as well as the challenging task of reforming the United Nations itself. The 62-year-old diplomat’s handling of the reform, launched in 2005 by his predecessor Kofi Annan, will be closely watched by UN members, notably the most powerful, the United States, which strongly backed his candidacy.