Hugh Bronstein

Snowden warns of rise in US domestic spying following Trump’s election victory

The former US spy agency contractor believes democratic checks and balances are losing ground to authoritarianism.

Ecuador troops storm hospital, rescue Correa

Ecuadorean troops stormed a hospital in Quito on Thursday and rescued President Rafael Correa, who was trapped inside for hours by renegade police.

Colombia takes Chávez war talk to Security Council

Colombia took what it called threats of war from neighbouring Venezuela to the United Nations Security Council on Wednesday.

Freed hostage Betancourt recounts bold rescue

High-profile hostage Ingrid Betancourt was shocked when aid workers supposedly transporting her to a new location turned out to be state soldiers.

Ex-Colombian hostage reunited with son

A Colombian woman freed last week after six years as a rebel hostage arrived in Bogota on Sunday and headed straight for a reunion with her son, Emmanuel, born in a jungle camp and then taken away by her captors. A slightly dazed Clara Rojas arrived from Caracas, where she had been since leftist Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez brokered her release.

Chávez for life? Venezuelans to vote on re-election

Venezuelans vote in a tightly contested referendum on Sunday on whether to allow left-wing President Hugo Chávez to stay in power for as long as he keeps winning elections or hand him his first defeat at the polls. The anti-American firebrand, who has easily won one election after another against a fragmented opposition, is in the hardest campaign of his life.

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