Hugh Muir

The curses of Wimbledon

Swearing on court has glorious precedent and livens up Wimbledon's otherwise bland image.

Mayor strikes deal with Chávez

The point at which President Hugo Chávez decided that London should serve as a model for services and governance in Caracas was not immediately apparent, writes Hugh Muir. He came in May, visited City Hall amid much controversy and fanfare, and was soon gone. But the result of his visit is likely to be an extraordinary deal struck with London's mayor.

Airport-style checks for Wimbledon

Tennis fans arriving at the start of this week's Wimbledon championship were forced to pass through airport-style security scanners after a review prompted by the July 7 terrorist attacks on London last year. Spectators purchasing ''on-the-day'' tickets will queue to be checked for weapons and unauthorised items.

Sculptors at war

The proposed statue of Nelson Mandela for London's Trafalgar Square has become a bone of contention, writes Hugh Muir.

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