Hugo ka Canham

Zama zamas and foreigners the perfect scapegoats as East and West Rand erupt in fiery rage

Zama zamas and foreigners have been made fall guys for the ills in our societies but ultimately politicians will have to take responsibility for their failings

Farewell to Azania’s everyman literary icon Don Mattera

The poet, writer, artist and activist, who made rubbish of race, left his mark on all aspects of our lives

In the black void of missing bodies

We cannot allow the mathematics of racial capital stop us from bearing ethical witness to the death of the marginalised majority

[From our archives] Spy boss Fraser brings out his wrecking ball

As J Edgar Hoover did during his long tenure as FBI boss, South Africa’s former spy chief has seemingly amassed potentially damaging information on leading figures in the ANC

OPINION | Outrage followed a white student peeing on a black student but government pees on people’s constitutional rights

It’s right to be angry about a white student peeing on a black student’s books, but what about poor people who have to live close to urine and faeces

OPINION| Wretched zones of the damned in South Africa

Durban and the eThekwini region was in decline – fuelled by corruption and political killings – before the deadly floods sank it

Afrophobia: The violence of the letter R

When the infrastructure breaks, the social fabric frays, rape escalates and taps run dry, we curse the foreigner, who is always from another African country

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