Ian Fuhr

Ian Fuhr is the chief executive of The Hatch Institute, a personal and business leadership coaching company. He is known as a serial entrepreneur who founded the Sorbet beauty salon chain

Human Rights Day is the perfect opportunity to confront ongoing racism

If we are hoping that someone will come along and magically fix everything, then a terrible thing will happen… Nothing!

Building the moral authority to lead

For leaders, in government or in business, there is only one solution — we must all put in the work to not only transform ourselves and our mindsets, but to earn the moral authority to lead

Put people first in your business and the profits will follow

Instead of ‘lean and mean’ businesses should rather be aiming to create a ‘caring and sharing’ culture

The role of culture in mitigating employee burnout

At the heart of a strong business culture is an underlying sense of belonging and a common desire to serve people

Entrepreneurship will save South Africa’s youth

Complaining about ‘reverse racism’ and BEE serves no one. South Africa’s white youth should focus on entrepreneurship instead

Business: Forget empty Freedom Day platitudes, take action instead

It’s not enough to be colour blind, we must look at reality and act to stop racism

Leaders need to earn the moral authority to lead

Using power and hierarchy creates a culture of fear and discomfort – and no extraordinary customer service has ever been delivered from that type of environment

Polish your company’s culture

The original founder of the Sorbet beauty salon chain says there is an easy-to-follow formula to building a winning corporate ethos

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