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Libya announces immediate ceasefire

Libya on Friday announced an immediate ceasefire in the month-long battle against rebels fighting to overthrow Muammar Gaddafi.

Tunisian protesters vow to oust interim government

Hundreds of defiant Tunisians camped in front of Prime Minister Mohammed Ghannouchi's office to force the government to quit.

US, Libya sign landmark compensation deal

Libya and the US have signed a compensation deal for American victims of Libyan attacks and US reprisals, paving the way for normalisation of ties.

AU, UN work to include Darfur rebels in peace talks

United Nations and African Union officials are to travel to Darfur this week to try to convince key rebel leaders to join peace talks aimed at resolving the crisis in the Sudanese region, the AU said on Monday. Noureddine Mezni, spokesperson for the AU, said the officials would travel to Darfur ''in the next few days''.

Darfur talks continue without crucial leaders

Negotiators working to end four years of violence in the western Sudanese region of Darfur ploughed on on Sunday despite predictions of failure by host Libyan leader Moammar Gadaffi. Although the Sudanese government declared a unilateral ceasefire at the start of the meeting on Saturday, key rebel groups have boycotted the talks in the city of Sirte

Libya families drop death-penalty call in Aids trial

The families of Libyan children infected with the Aids have dropped demands for the death penalty in the case of six foreign medics on death row in the case, a spokesperson said on Tuesday. The announcement came as Libya's top legal body was to rule on Tuesday on the medics' fate.

Libya may overturn death verdicts on Aids medics

Libya's top legal body meets on Monday for a session that could see it commute to prison terms the death sentences on six foreign medics convicted of infecting children with the virus that causes HIV/Aids. The meeting of the Supreme Judicial Council comes after families of the children were said to have accepted compensation totalling around -million.

Tripoli meeting seeks to unify Darfur jumble

The United Nations and African Union host a meeting in Tripoli on Sunday to evaluate the troubled peace process in Sudan's war-torn Darfur, which is bedevilled by fragmented rebel groups and competing initiatives. The meeting brings together those countries and organisations trying to end the four-year conflict.

Final appeal for Libyan Aids medics

Libya's Supreme Court on Wednesday begins hearing the final appeal of six foreign medics sentenced to death for infecting children with HIV, raising the prospect of a swift end to the eight-year crisis. Although the court is expected to uphold the death penalty, the verdict should pave the way for a compensation package to be agreed and for the sentences to be commuted.

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