Imed Lamloum

Libya, a failed state in waiting

On the sixth anniversary of Gaddafi’s fall, political and economic turmoil prevails

Surge in Libya violence raises spectre of civil war

Libya is considering calling for international forces to help restore security as rival militias remain locked in a brutal power struggle.

Libya PM accuses ‘political party’ of kidnapping

Libya's Prime Minister Ali Zeidan has blamed those responsible for his brief abduction on a "political party which wants to overthrow the government".

Gunmen storm Libya ministries demanding officials quit

Gunmen have demanded the Libyan government's resignation as they have besieged ministries.

Two injured after bomb hits French embassy in Tripoli

A car bomb has hit the French embassy in Tripoli, wounding two French guards and causing major damage in what Libya has called a "terrorist" incident.

Libya awaits announcement of new government

Libya's Prime Minister Mustafa Abu Shagur is expected to name a new government after his first proposed line-up was rejected by the assembly.

Libya arrests 50 over US envoy killing

Libya has arrested 50 suspects over the killing of the US envoy and three other Americans, claiming the Benghazi attack was pre-planned.

Libya to question extradited Gaddafi spy chief

Libya is set to question Muammar Gaddafi's spy chief Abdullah al-Senussi after his extradition from Mauritania, as rights groups urge a fair trial.

Gaddafi’s son to be tried in Libya, not at ICC

Libya has decided not to hand over Muammar Gaddafi's son Saif al-Islam to the International Criminal Court, leaving him to be tried in Libya.

Tensions simmer as Libyan ex-rebels demand a role

Former rebel fighters in Libya are raising the stakes by demanding a role in the interim government being formed.

New Libyan leader elected as Nato clears the skies

Libya's NTC has elected a technocrat to head its transitional government as Nato ended the air campaign that played a major role in ousting Gaddafi.

Libya rebels launch massive attack on Gaddafi lair

Libyan rebels have launched a massive offensive on Muammar Gaddafi's compound in Tripoli, as the strongman's son refuted reports of his own arrest.

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