Issam Ahmed

Birth pill for mice, but what of men?

The recent findings mark a key step towards expanding birth control options – as well as responsibilities – for men

US formally quits Paris agreement as election hangs in balance

Environmentalists say Trump's announcement that he would withdraw from the Paris agreement three years ago made it easier for countries such Australia, Saudi Arabia and Brazil to weaken their own ambitions

Beyond batteries: Beetle bots

A tiny robot is vaping methanol to power up its artificial muscles and punch above its weight

Earth’s toughest creatures may be living on the moon

It is unlikely that they will be rescued in time. Even if they survived, they are doomed,”

‘One giant leap’: US marks Apollo mission 50 years on

President Trump has relaunched the race to re-conquer the Moon — this time with the first woman — and to journey onwards to Mars

Trump accuses Saudis of ‘lies’ over Khashoggi killing

The US president's comments are his strongest comments to date on the affair

Professor speaks out about alleged sexual assault by Trump Supreme Court pick

​A college professor went public for the first time on Sunday to accuse Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault in the 1980s

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