Jane Barrett

Spanish judge due to rule on Madrid train bombs

A Spanish court will deliver verdicts on Wednesday on 28 people accused of playing a role in the 2004 Madrid train bombings, ending a politically charged trial into Europe's deadliest al-Qaeda inspired attack. Ten bombs ripped through four commuter trains early on March 11 2004, strewing the tracks with bodies. The Islamist bombings killed 191 people and injured 1 800.

Shosholoza pushes on to America’s Cup challenge

Shosholoza will be back for the next America's Cup whether it is in Europe or New Zealand, the head of the South African syndicate said on Saturday. Shosholoza was the team everybody loved to love in Valencia, a group mostly made up of South Africans of all races who invited everybody into their base to join ''One team, one nation, one dream''.

America’s Cup challenge unites South Africans

Deep in the days of apartheid, Italian yacht captain Salvatore Sarno started teaching a small group of black children to sail off the coast of South Africa and was laughed at for trying to cross the race barrier. Sixteen years later he is leading Shosholoza, Africa's first America's Cup challenger, proudly presenting a multi-race team to show how far his adopted country has come.

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