Jason Burke

Terrorism: We must ask why

We know, in horrible detail, how it is done. In the case of Ken Bigley, we will soon be able to view the act in video clips on the internet. With the bombing in the Egyptian resort of Taba on Thursday, we know, from eyewitnesses, of the smiles of the suicide bombers as they blew apart holiday-makers. What we are still asking is: ''Why?''

Uneasy peace in rubble of Najaf

The noise of the two Black Hawk helicopters shattered the eerie silence that on Saturday had enveloped the city of Najaf. On board were a team of five Iraqi ministers led by Minister of State Kasim Daoud. They landed and were driven in a convoy, led by police cars with sirens wailing, through streets littered with the wreckage of battle, to the sacred Imam Ali shrine to inspect the damage.
  • It's peace but the dead are everywhere
  • Saddam ‘held talks with al-Qaeda’

    Negotiations about about a possible alliance between Saddam Hussein's regime and al-Qaeda took place in 1998, according to documents found in Baghdad by a British newspaper.

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