Jason Burke

Radicalisation is not measurable or predictable

The Paris attackers were known fanatics who evaded police surveillance.

Now she’s a runner not a fighter

Former child soldier Mira Rai has become a star athlete who is blazing a trail for women in Nepal.

India blocks more than 800 sites in web porn crackdown

Sudden blanket ban on websites considered a ‘social nuisance’ is met with anger online and triggers debate on censorship and freedom.

Dead or alive? The story of the Taliban’s missing leader Mohammed Omar

Omar rose to become head of the Taliban, before his base in Kandahar fell during the US-led invasion. Since then his whereabouts have been a mystery.

Islamist fighters drawn from half the world’s countries, says UN

More than half the countries in the world are currently generating Islamist extremist fighters for groups such as Al-qaeda and Isis, the UN has said.

Nepal: Buried alive by poverty

Prime minister Sushil Koirala has said earthquake fatalities could more than double to 10 000, another blow to one of Asia's poorest countries.

Extremists’ massacre of desperation in Pakistan

The Taliban is under pressure to prove itself as groups splinter off and the army moves in.

Butchered like a herd of cattle

Twelve women died after they were forced into attending a state-run sterilisation camp in India.

‘Sleeping giant’ stirs in India

Organisers of the Indian Super League are hoping to convert cricket crazy Indians to the joys of football.

More terror attacks inevitable in volatile region

News analysis: US interest in the Afghanistan region is now waning, but various extremist factions will remain.

India-Pakistan premiers move in smoother traffic

A successful visit to Pakistan by new Indian prime minister Narendra Modi could unlock a cascade of beneficial consequences for both nations.

Outmoded: The Gandhi dwindling

Election surveys show the supremacy of India's greatest political dynasty is at an end.

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