Jason Burke

India elections: Gandhi scion scorns ‘authoritarian, prejudiced’ frontrunner

Opinion polls have put opposition BJP party head Narendra Modi far ahead of the Gandhi-led Congress party.

India puts its fate in young hands

The nation teeters between disaster and prosperity as 120-million young first-time voters head to the polls.

Sri Lankan poll revives Tigers’ roar

Recent provincial elections have shown a demand for autonomy in the north is far from spent.

Named potholes shame India’s incompetent officials

The potholes in Raipur, a city of a million people in the centre of India, are so big they now have names.

Everest gets to grips with peak traffic

Nepal may take steps to ease congestion at a steep, narrow cliff near the summit – by installing a ladder.

Al-Qaeda loses its fear factor

In the aftermath of the Algerian hostage crisis, British Prime Minister David Cameron issued a warning of the continued threat from terrorism.

Victim’s friend opens testimony in India gang rape trial

The trial of five men charged with the rape and murder of a woman in New Delhi has opened with testimony from the man with her during the ordeal.

Rape sparks patriarchal backlash in India

The case has provoked outrage and anger, coming against a background of rising violence against women in India.

Britain and India talk business

Ten years after massacre, influential Indian politician meets with British high commissioner

Deep economic reform is needed

India's rapid progress may be halted if high public expenditure is not brought into check, writes Jason Burke.

Will ‘Midnight’s Children’ see the light of day in India?

A new film adaptation of 'Midnight's Children', Salman Rushdie's novel about India after independence, might not be shown in his native land.

India: The dark reality

The path to prosperity in India is not as straight and smooth as many would like to believe.

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