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Botswana raps ‘no crisis’ Mbeki

The South African president is 'so deeply involved he thinks things are going right', says Botswana Foreign Minister Phandu Skelemani, who has taken the unusual step of criticising President Thabo Mbeki over his dogged insistence that there is no electoral crisis in Zimbabwe.

No run-off, says Biti

Zimbabwe's political future remained wide open this week, as Zanu-PF girded its loins for a second round of voting and the opposition Movement for Democratic Change warned that it would not participate in a run-off. Justice Minister Patrick Chinamasa said that Zanu-PF had accepted that because no party had won an outright majority a run-off was inevitable.

Summit ‘must force release of results’

The most important job of the Southern African Development Community summit scheduled for Lusaka, Zambia, this weekend, would be to push the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) to release the country's election results, a senior South African official has told the <i>Mail & Guardian</i>.

Botswana’s smooth transfer

While most eyes in Southern Africa were glued to the unfolding drama in Zimbabwe this week, Botswana remained true to its reputation as Africa's most stable country, quietly transferring power from one president to another. On April 1, Festus Mogae, president for the past decade, handed power to his hand-picked successor.

Understanding why Bob is still so popular

Zimbabwe's opposition may be celebrating a historic win over President Robert Mugabe's Zanu-PF, but many people inside and outside the country are wondering how the election could have been this close. How did Mugabe, who has reduced Zimbabwe to an economic and human-rights basket case, garner close to half the vote?

UK promises new Zim president £1bn

The United Kingdom is working on an unprecedented £1-billion annual international emergency aid and development package to rescue the ruined Zimbabwean economy, the Guardian reported on Thursday. However, any programme would be contingent on a new democratic government coming to power.

Churning out the rumours

Harareans don't call their city the ''rumour capital'' for nothing. This week, it delivered on its reputation. After what was supposed to be Zimbabwe's most important election since 1980, official information about the results was as scarce as admirers of Robert Mugabe. Just what the Harare rumour-mill needed.

Mugabe’s dilemma

The political and economic future of Zimbabwe is resting on a razor's edge as hard-line military commanders and a more moderate faction of Zanu-PF leaders vie to win over a defeated Robert Mugabe. The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission is legally bound to release the results of the presidential election by Friday.

Zim elections: And the winner is …

Four scenarios confront Zimbabweans as they prepare to go to the polls at the weekend: a Robert Mugabe victory, the most likely outcome; a second round of voting; a victory for the majority faction of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) under Morgan Tsvangirai; and a disputed election.

‘Let them eat cake’ holidays

How about the seven-star Burj Al Arab in Dubai where you get to choose from a menu of 13 different types of pillows, or a two-night stopover at the Mandarin Oriental in Bermuda where you can enjoy a champagne “high tea” served in your suite by a private butler? Should you be staying at the Hong Kong Peninsula, your airport transfer will be in a Rolls Royce.

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