Jason Moyo

Zim: The clock is ticking for The Crocodile

Emmerson Mnangagwa could be Zimbabwe's next president, but as ever with Mugabe there is no certainty.

In Zimbabwe, preaching is politics

Even the state appears to hang on every word of Walter Magaya and Emmanuel Makandiwa.

Taxpayers expected to rescue Zimbabwe’s Reserve Bank

Political largesse broke the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe; now the state wants the public to fill up the coffers, but they are not amused.

Zim: Now the Russians are coming too

There are fears the Zimbabwean government is selling off the country's mineral resources for a song.

Impoverished Zim squeezes poor

Desperate government even removes rebates on foodstuffs imported by welfare groups.

Zim stalls over used car debacle

It is seriously damaging local industry but it is making a great deal of money for the government.

New China wise to Mugabe

Despite all the fanfare, the Asian giant is not the easy touch the Zimbabwean despot once knew.

Divide and rule serves Mugabe well

President Robert Mugabe is still up to his old tricks, allowing rivals to fight among themselves before stepping in.

No place for Young Turks in Zanu-PF

The youth league has new leaders but the party is making sure they are no challenge to the old guard.

US-Africa summit: Zim shivers alone out in the cold

The country is divided over its isolated position and cannot attract the investment it needs.

Selfies and queues as KFC returns

For Zimbabwe, the re-opening of the fast-food outlet is a good sign.

Zanu-PF’s Green Fuel dilemma

Zanu-PF faces the difficult task of appeasing its supporters, who have been left fuming over Green Fuel's expansion.

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