Jason Moyo

Pasi wants blood from Zim’s stones

From taxis to tomatoes, the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority is looking for cash as the formal sector dries up.

Sweet dreams, it’s congress season in Zimbabwe

Priorities such as sorting out the economy will be set aside as Zimbabwe focuses on preparing for Zanu-PF's elective congress.

Loyalty is all Mugabe demands

Corruption and incompetence do not matter if the president knows he can count on you.

Russian investors stake claims for a slice of Zimbabwe’s economic pie

Russian investors are stepping up their presence in Zimbabwe, competing against China for a share of the country's rich resources.

Zim: The thin blue line gets its first red card

Not much will change in Zimbabwe after an attack on police but a point has been made – people do not like how they are being policed.

Investors are wary of Zim’s uncertainty

The state's  'climbing up' and  'climbing down' on indigenisation is frustrating economic recovery.

Even Zim’s drinkers are feeling the pinch

Consumers in Zimbabwe are downgrading, opting for cheaper sorghum brew and Chinese clothing imports.

Zim: Market hit by lack of foreign cash

The Zimbabwe Stock Exchange was booming last year, but the inflow of capital from overseas seems to be drying up.

Bold but brief, satire shines bright

For just one week, censors turn a blind eye to the risqué Harare International Festival of the Arts that brings in good press – and cash.

Mugabe’s succession soap opera

Even the keenest of observers are growing weary of the constant twists and turns in the story of Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe's succession.

The spanner in SADC’s works

SADC diplomats fear Zimbabwe may abuse its new positions to settle old scores with Europe, at the expense of the continent.

Zim: Drowning in debt

Even the finance minister does not know where to find the cash to pay the state's pressing obligations.

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