Jason Moyo

Zim: Informal economy fast taking over

A recent World Bank report says almost half of Zimbabweans run small businesses on the side.

Zim: The steep price of access to power

A Zanu-PF politician is demanding millions for introducing controversial businessman Billy Rautenbach to key state officials.

Zim: Powerless to stop deflation

With no stimulus or currency measures at hand, the Zimbabwean government can do little but watch the downward spiral.

Zim runs out of options

Bitter reality defies all talk of a new leader or movement to break the political stalemate in Zimbabwe.

Chinese firm gets prime Zim land

Details of a deal for an upmarket estate outside Harare for well-off state officials are secret.

Zim: Starving and sleeping in the rain

Flooding in Zimbabwe has stranded thousands of families, and the government cannot cope with sheltering them.

The elusive yuan, yen and rupee in Zim

There seems to be no rush to use the new currencies as retailers struggle with small change.

Graft gaffe unlikely to fell Mujuru

Vice-president Joice Mujuru claims she was misquoted when she warned against corruption exposés.

Tsvangirai takes a cue from Mugabe

The MDC leader is intent on rebuilding his credibility — and quashing internal dissent.

Zimbabwe’s economy still stuck in a rut

Increased imports, reduced exports, a weaker rand and closing firms conspire against Zimbabwe's recovery.

Scepticism over Mugabe graft purge

The president's policy of rewarding soldiers for loyalty is said to be at the core of the parastatal rot.

Dance of the ?Zanu-PF puppets

Mugabe waits and watches on the sidelines and then takes a commanding role on centre stage.

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