Jason Webb

ETA blamed for car bomb at Spanish barracks

A car bomb exploded outside a Civil Guard barracks in the northern Spanish city of Burgos early on Wednesday, injuring 46 people.

Smallest planet outside solar system found

The smallest planet discovered outside our solar system has been found by Spanish scientists. ''I think we are very close, just a few years away, from detecting a planet like Earth,'' team leader Ignasi Ribas told a news conference on Wednesday. The rocky planet, with a radius about 50% greater than the Earth's, circles a small red dwarf star 30 light years away.

UN says cocaine-snorting stars harm Africa

Use of cocaine by celebrities is encouraging a trade that destroys whole communities in Latin America and Africa, the United Nations' top anti-crime official said on Thursday. ''All these celebrity role models, turned into junkies, have in fact spent a lot of time in rehab lately, and their lives are a mess,'' said Antonio Maria Costa.

Spanish PM suspends talks with ETA after car bomb

Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero on Saturday suspended dialogue with Basque guerrillas ETA after a bomb wrecked a car park at Madrid's international airport, breaking a nine-month truce. At least 19 people were injured in the attack and rescuers were still searching for two missing people.

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