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UN urges probe into shooting of Sudan schoolchildren

The killings come as protest leaders are due to hold talks with the ruling generals on Tuesday on the remaining aspects of installing civilian rule

Mass protests for civilian rule rock Sudan

On Sunday, police fired several rounds of tear gas on crowds approaching the presidential palace after organisers called for a march

Sudan talks resume after shootings cloud breakthrough

The protest movement is demanding a civilian-led transition after 30 years of ironfisted rule by former president Omar al-Bashir

Sudan protesters threaten civil disobedience after army delays

Thousands of people remain camped outside the military headquarters in Khartoum nearly four weeks after the armed forces toppled Omar al-Bashir

Bashir names new PM as protest leaders dismiss emergency

Bashir's three-decade rule has been rocked by two months of protests that a deadly crackdown has failed to suppress

Sudan protesters remain resilient, but Bashir unbowed

As the protest campaign against Bashir's regime enters its third month on Tuesday, demonstrators are pressing on with rallies

Sudan protests rumble on as Bashir remains defiant

Sudanese authorities led by the feared National Intelligence and Security Service have cracked down on protesters, drawing international criticism

Bashir appoints new PM as cabinet sacked

President Omar al-Bashir's decision to fire the entire government was approved by the top leaders of his ruling National Congress Party

African leaders create ‘Cape to Cairo’ free-trade zone

African leaders have signed a historic agreement to create the continent's largest common market, encompassing 26 countries.

Africans negotiate ‘one trade regime’ for common market

Officials of three African economic blocs held talks on a "one trade regime" that would forge a common market spanning the continent.

Egypt gays live in fear under Sisi regime

"There is a constant fear and anxiety. I never had this kind of feeling in my life. Now you are afraid in your own home," says a gay man in Egypt.

Egypt’s Sisi ‘has not learned lesson of Arab Spring’

Egypt's presidential frontrunner Abdel Fattah al-Sisi has said it will take up to 25 years for Egypt to achieve "true democracy".

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