Jay Dougherty

How to buy an energy efficient PC

A typical desktop computer, together with a monitor and printer, can consume as much electricity as five or six powerful household light bulbs.

What you need to know about Chrome

Google's new Chrome web browser is being hailed as a game-changer. Does that mean you should download it right now and spend the time to learn it?

Audio books bring reading back to the masses

No time to read? No problem. If you have access to some type of audio player you can let the bookworm in you surface once again.

How to recycle your PC

Getting a shiny new computer often means figuring out what to do with the old one. And dispensing of an old or unneeded computer is no trivial task.

Free tune-up tools keep your PC humming

Making a Windows-based computer truly personal takes both time and money. Not only do you have to buy the computer, but you also spend many hours setting it up just the way you like it. That's why it's frustrating when, over time, your well-tuned Windows box starts to get sluggish or unreliable.

Computer upgrades that make sense

With notebook and desktop computer prices at an all-time low, you have to think carefully about upgrading them. The cost of a few upgrades may come close to equalling the price of an entirely new system. In general, you'll probably want to avoid upgrades designed to improve performance.

Gifts for geeks

Gift ideas are needed year-round. And gifts for geeks can be particularly tough to find -- especially for the giver who might not be up to date on the latest gadgets. Here's some help. The gift ideas below -- some of them wild and wacky -- should be sure-fire hits to just about any tech fan for whom you need to find a quick gift.

Key to great vacation is in (online) planning

Seasoned travellers know that the key to a great vacation is great preparation. The means taking care of many details beforehand: where to go, what to pack, where to stay and how to afford it all. Thankfully, the internet makes the chore of vacation planning easier than ever before. Never has there been so much information available so readily.

How to avoid an email meltdown

Losing email can cost you both lost time and opportunity. That's because most of us have valuable information stored in our email programs -- addresses, contact information and appointments, and some of it can be difficult or impossible to replace. Backing up your email, therefore, is essential.

Hot tips for keeping your PC cool

Everyone looks forward to summertime -- but computers hate it. That's because along with summertime comes a computer's worst enemy: heat. Too much heat can cause hard drives to fail prematurely and entire systems to become slower and less stable.

What’s new in Internet Explorer 7?

The world's most popular web browser has a new lease on life. With the recent release of the final version of Microsoft's Internet Explorer 7 (IE7), internet users everywhere will begin testing out this new window to the web, available for free from Microsoft's IE7 download site.

When last did you have an unsettling experience?

Shopping for a new computer, whether a desktop or notebook, is always an unsettling experience. Since your last computer purchase, a lot has happened in the world of technology. New acronyms and new options await you. So how do you sort through the jumble of paraphernalia that makes up a PC today?

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