Jerome Cartillier

Trump hits out at May after leak of damning cables

London has been scrambling to stem the damage caused by the weekend release of confidential telegrams

Trump launches 2020 bid with vow to ‘keep America great’

The US president launched his campaign for the 2020 elections

Trump celebrates a year of his presidency with a government shutdown

US lawmakers have launched a last-ditch bid to end the budget stalemate and prevent a government shutdown

Trump to lay out ‘America First’ security strategy

The US leader, who has dismantled the legacy of Barack Obama, will unveil what is being billed as a comprehensive vision

Trump hails ‘great relationship’ with self-proclaimed killer Duterte

Duterte last year declared the Philippines' "separation" from the United States.

At climate talks, it’s America alone more than America first

Donald Trump has vowed to exit the Paris Climate accord, just not yet, leaving US policy in limbo for the next three years.

Russia, Ukraine agree on ‘permanent ceasefire’

Ukraine's president has announced a ceasefire agreement with Russia, shortly before Nato's deadline for a decision on involvement in the region.

Home away from home

Works by Chinese-South African authors give insight into the immigrant experience.

Guarded optimism as at climate talks

The world's climate negotiators worked into early Friday morning amid guarded hopes of making progress.

‘Climate code red’ at UN talks, warns Nigeria

Africa's frustration at the United Nations climate summit boiled over on Monday as delegates walked out of key talks.

Where have all the flowers gone?

NOT THE MOVIE OF THE WEEK: Watering down Bollywood for Western audiences robs the Bollywood style of its very appeal, writes Shaun de Waal.

Shadow contest in full swing for ANC top job

Officially no one is a candidate and there is not even a campaign, but in reality the contest to become the next South African president is well under way ahead of a crucial vote in December. The African National Congress (ANC) meets at the end of year to choose the person expected to lead the party into the 2009 general elections.

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