Jillo Kadida

Somali refugees stranded in Randfontein

A group of Somali refugees in Randfontein are facing homelessness and growing uncertainty, while government and the UN pass the buck.

‘Foreigners, go seek help elsewhere!’

Refugees are often denied access to healthcare -- including their legal right to life-saving antiretroviral therapy. Jillo Kadida reports.

Cape of fear and gay loathing

The murder trial of a young lesbian woman is going to be watched carefully by the gay community.

Traders of fortune

Jo'burg is now a massive trading centre with merchants from all over Southern Africa hustling for their piece of the action.

Court rules in favour of justice minister

The Constitutional Court on Wednesday dismissed a case by a jailed IFP member seeking to compel the government to consider him for presidential pardon

Kenyan challenges state over prison facilities

An intersexed Kenyan has applied to Kenya's constitutional court to be released on the grounds that he belongs in neither a jail for men nor women

Court rules for police after violent protest

The Supreme Court of Appeal has dismissed a claim against the police lodged by the family of a young boy who was shot and wounded seven years ago.

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