Jim Finkle

Is China involved in UN hack attack?

McAfee says it has found the biggest series of cyberattacks to date involving the infiltration of the networks of 72 organisations, including the UN.

CIA website goes down as hackers claim responsibility

The public website of the US Central Intelligence Agency went down on Wednesday as the hacker group Lulz Security said it had launched an attack.

IMF becomes latest target of major cyber attack

A cybersecruty expert said the intruders' goal had been to install software that would give a nation state a "digital insider presence" on the IMF.

‘We accessed EVERYTHING’: Hackers attack Sony network

Hackers broke into Sony's computer networks and accessed the information of more than one million customers.

Virus attacks Android phones in China

A virus targeting smart phones in China running Google's Android operating system may represent the most sophisticated bug to target mobile devices.

Cybercrime spreads on Facebook

Cybercrime is rapidly spreading on Facebook as hackers prey on users who think the world's top social networking site is a safe haven on the internet.

Hackers launch phishing attack on Facebook users

Hackers launched an attack on Facebook's 200-million users on Thursday, successfully gathering passwords from some of them.

Price of professor’s ‘$100 laptop’ hits $200

A computer developed for the world's poor children, dubbed ''the laptop'', has reached a milestone: It is now selling for . The One Laptop per Child Foundation, founded by MIT Professor Nicholas Negroponte, has started offering the lime-green-and-white machines in lots of 10 000 or more for apiece on its website.

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