Joanna Walters

One size fits all

A US university is adapting curricula and research to social needs. Joanna Walters reports.

A quiet revolution at Harvard

Spring has not yet greened the lawns of historic Harvard Yard, but there is an unmistakable vibrancy in the air. It is seven months since the new president, Drew Faust, was inaugurated on October 12. Apart from symbolising a revolution as the university's first woman leader in its 372-year history, her mission is to transform it into a more modern, cohesive and accessible institution while enhancing its elite status and honouring tradition.

Women race for top Harvard job

The words Harvard and knee-jerk are not often seen in the same sentence, but when a rumoured shortlist of candidates to succeed outgoing president Larry Summers pops up and the majority of the names on it are women, there is good cause.

No more ‘one size fits all’ attitude at Portnet

South African Port Operations (SAPO), the government's new ports operational division created from the restructuring of Portnet, has budgeted in excess of R1 billion for capital spending on upgrades across all of the country's ports in 2003, according to SAPO General Manager Nad Govender.

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